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Chances are, if you are reading this, that you or someone you love has been diagnosed with lupus. Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body (skin, joints, and/or organs inside the body). There is no cure and it can be fatal. The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 1.5 million Americans, and at least five million people worldwide, have a form of lupus. The Local Lupus Alliance exists in the Coulee Region to connect those suffering from lupus. Patients and supporters can share their struggles, ask questions, participate in fundraisers, celebrate victories, support one another, all while finding a way to cope with this illness.

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LLA Continues to grow Awareness

LLA Continues to grow Awareness

The Local Lupus Alliance continues to work hard to get the word out about Lupus as well as let the p...
La Crosse Design Institute (LDI) Student assists LLA

La Crosse Design Institute (LDI) Student assists LLA

For a teenager, creating a video can be a daily occurrence; for a small non-profit, creating a video...
LLA featured in Coulee Region Women magazine

LLA featured in Coulee Region Women magazine

Richard Chrz, co-founder and executive director of the Local Lupus Alliance was featured in the June...

Faces of Lupus

Richard Chrz had finally gotten his health on track. Once 300 pounds, he lost nearly a third of that. He started running. And running. He participated in races that spanned up to 100 miles. Then, he was diagnosed with lupus....
Richard Chrz
The name Debbie Brague may sound familiar to you. She hosts midday programs on WLXR, Magic 105 radio station. She is also the operations manager for the La Crosse Radio Group. Brague’s schedule can be grueling...
Deb Brague
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