American College of Rheumatology Donation

The Local Lupus Alliance donated $25,000 to the American College of Rheumatology for a collaborative Reproductive Initiative consisting of educational videos. Ninety percent of those diagnosed are women often in their child bearing years. Thoughts of pregnancy and starting a family can be overwhelming when trying to keep a patient’s lupus under control, but a safe and successful pregnancy is possible. Communication with a patient’s medical team is vital. A patient’s rheumatology care team can help navigate through the unique challenges of family planning, pregnancy and parenting. Developing educational videos that can be shared with healthcare providers, patients and families made the most sense. Rheumatologists Adegbenga Bankole, MD, Jill Buyon, MD, Karen Costenbader, MD, Julianna Desmarais, MD, Nichole Csete, patient and Holmen, WI resident, and Christopher Mayne, PhD Local Lupus Alliance Board Member and La Crosse, WI resident contributed to the development of the educational pieces. The Local Lupus Alliance is proud to be able to say the donations raised locally, stayed local with the production of the videos done by Onalaska, WI’s Elevate Media Group.

Thanks to your investment, we are able to provide the following returns:
• Your gift brings our community together and promotes healing and comfort to patients suffering with lupus.
• Your gift affords us the the ability and access to innovative research and development.
• Your gift provides opportunities for us to educate and create awareness about the disease.

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